FL Nurse Aide
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham MD 21236
Phone: 888.277.3500

Notice: is a DIFFERENT company than Tampa Bay CNA.  We have NO WAY TO HELP YOU when you are having issues with Prometirc test application.  Kindly call Prometric to deal with any issues with your CNA Test.  Prometric - 888 - 277-3500

Testing Fees - $155  includes first months of license that will expire May 30, 2018 - After that you will receive a 2 year license that will expire every 2 years on  May 30th

SELECT:  Florida - Certified Nursing Assistant Application at

Step 1 - Read Instructions for E4 - CNA Test - Instructions Below
Step 2 - Select your Regional Test Site -See Codes Below - Write Down Code
Step 3 - Create an Account at Prometric and Make APPLICATION for test

Step 4 - Do your Fingerprint - Background Check - Below Vendors Location    Heres CNA =  EDOH0380Z   
Step 5 - Return to REFRESH Skills AFTER you have your CNA TEST DATE
Step 6 - Take Your TEST and PASS
Step 7 - EMAIL us when you pass your test so we may issues class documentation.


3. Login In to your new account

1. Select:  Submit a NEW Application
2. Select a program = Florida CNA Application fee $155 after 7/1/16
3. Select - Testing Coed -  E4 - Other Training
4. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING under the Name of School or Training Program Code ... those are for the E1 / E2 Applications Only. Your application is an E4.
5. Test Site Information = Regional Test Site -Write Down Code.

TAMAIR         Regional Test Site
Argularis International -7520 West Waters Avenue Ste. 19 Tampa Florida   33615

BRAQUA - Regional Test Site NEW NAME- EFF July 20th
Florida Center for Nursing Education - Same Address: 9259 Bay Plaza Blvd. - #315 Tampa, FL 33619

PINFMP         Regional Test Site
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
NFNS                       Regional Test Site
North Port, FL 34289
GAIETR        Regional Test Site
Gainesville, FL 32607
NEPA1H                 Regional Test Site
New Port Richey, FL 34655
ARFSCR           Regional Test Site
Arcadia, FL 34266
BRAQHR              Regional Test Site
Bradenton, FL 34207

What ORI number do I use to do my Livescan?

CNA =  EDOH0380Z

Important: If YOU KNOW you have NOT had an FBI Background Check / Fingerprints within the last year for HealthCare, you need to do this AFTER you REGISTER for your CNA TEST ASAP.

The UPS Store Brandon FL (703) 797-2562
Verify Network, LLC Brandon FL (813) 352-6995
Fieldprint Ruskin FL (877) 614-4364
UPS Store 1351-lo Sun City Center FL (800) 528-1358
The UPS Store Sun City Center FL (703) 797-2562

Fingerprints - Info Here

The price range is $80 to $100 - Call around and check all the prices.  Most REQUIRE an appointment.

We recommend this VENDOR as it is HASSEL FREE...   NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY - BUT the price is $100. Check around for a good deal. 1A Tampa Livescan Fingerprinting, LLC Address: 1311 N Westshore Blvd #317, Tampa, FL 33607 Phone:(813) 347-4436  Hours: Open today · 9:30AM–5PM - Walk ins welcome.

Other Provider for FingerPrints Here.---->>>

Tyrone / 66th Street Area - St Pete  - Goin' Postal  - 1700 66th St N #104, St. Petersburg, FL 33710  -   Hours:  Open today · 8AM–6PM  Phone: (727) 347-7447

Supporting Documents You ONLY submit Documentation if you HAVE CRIMINAL ISSUES.  All others do not submit any additional document on. You must submit documentation about your case and the nature of the charges.

Click Here to Start your Application

Here is a link to all the LIVE SCAN Finger Prints Sites in Florida... DO NOT SCHEDULE UNLESS they do NOT find your in the system.   Click Here