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     NOTICE - Be sure to SAVE you test application before you SUBMIT it.


You must use LIVE SCAN - NOT FIELD PRINT for your FINGER PRINTS. Field Print does NOT have the right ORI CODES. It could delay your testing date.

ORI number for LiveScan? CNA Applicant – EDOH0380Z

IMPORTANT:  If any changes need to be made after an application is complete (i.e. name change or correction, SSN change, address change, change to a health history answer, etc.), the candidate will need to contact the FLDOH, not Prometric, in order to have those items updated. FLDOH will then update Prometric’s records to ensure that our systems are in sync. Candidates should e-mail the FLDOH at a at or call 850.245.4125.

The Website will NOT process using APPLE Cell or Computers

How to Register for State of Florida Test
1. You may REGISTER to test AS SOON as you have your $155 Exam Fee. This fee includes your first CNA License. There is NOT a prerequisite other than you MUST KNOW THE SKILLS and Written Test Vocabulary Words to test. Create an account -


OR you may MAIL in the application.  Here is a paper copy of CNA Application:


ALL TEST are the same - the test classification is for testing data only.  
You MUST CHOOSE - E4 - Other Training Classification. If you choose any other code you will mess your application up and will DELAY your process.

2. Testing Sites Codes Regional Test Site do not use other names listed. only REGIONAL TEST SITE-  IMPORTANT: Testing Application:  You must choose a REGIONAL TEST SITE NAME for TESTING - You may NOT select other places for testing.

The NAME will be found on the DROP DOWN MENU for Regional Test Site.

If you are mailing the application in, you must use the test Site CODE.  Below are the choices in Tampa Bay


You may only Choose A Regional Test Site

Aguilas International Tampa OR

Florida Center for Nursing Education - Brandon   OR

Southern Technical Inst - Pinellas Park Fl

 (Test Site Codes only for mail in application)


Aguilas International – Prometric Office

7520 West Waters Avenue – Ste. 19

Tampa, FL 33615


Florida Center for Nursing - BRANDON

9259 Bay Plaza Blvd.  #315

Tampa, FL 33619


Southern Technical Inst

8200  - 66th  Street North

Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Southern Technical Inst  8200  - 66th  Street North  Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Tampa Bay Students must select one of  these REGIONAL testing sites only.

Regional Test Site Code List for ALL of Florida


3. DO NOT put our name under the name of the training school. LEAVE IT BLANK.

4. This program is an E4 - Other Training program - Your application will be RETURNED if you do not follow this instruction and it will delay your process 

5. IMPORTANT: THERE IS NOT A PROMETRIC ID Number  until you FIRST submit your application. There are 2 places that ASK for a PROMETRIC ID - LEAVE THAT FIELD BLANK until you FIRST SUBMIT your application.

6. YOU ONLY submit Documentation if you HAVE CRIMINAL ISSUES. All others do not submit any additional documents.

7. YOU MUST use a good working EMAIL Address as will do all correspondence VIA Email.

8. We suggest that you CALL if after 1 week you have NOT received an EMAIL regarding your application. Then continue to be pro-active and follow up every 2 weeks. You may need to have a background / fingerprint and photo taken if never worked in healthcare.

It is talking anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.  The time depends solely on the State of Florida Board of Nursing.  We do not have any control over your application process

If you have NOT worked in healthcare within the last year, you will be required to have your fingerprint background check created. You must do AFTER you submit your CNA Test Application.

ORI number for LiveScan? CNA Applicant – EDOH0380Z

Direct ALL Questions about your TEST to: - FL Nurse Aide 7941 Corporate Dr. Nottingham MD 21236 Phone: 888.277.3500 Fax: 800.813.6670

Finger Print Live Scan
Here is a link to all the LIVE SCAN Finger Prints Sites in Florida...

Supporting Documents You ONLY submit Documentation if you HAVE CRIMINAL ISSUES.  All others do not submit any additional document on. You must submit documentation about your case and the nature of the charges.

Tampa Bay Finger Finger Print Live Scan

You must use LIVE SCAN - NOT FIELD PRINT for your FINGER PRINTS.  Field Print does NOT have the right ORI CODES.

ORI number for LiveScan? CNA Applicant – EDOH0380Z

Anytime Mobile Fingerprinting, LLC (813) 956-6359
The UPS Store Brandon FL (703) 797-2562
Verify Network, LLC Brandon FL (813) 352-6995
Sun City Center - Sun City Center (800) 528-1358
The UPS Store Sun City Center (703) 797-2562
1A Tampa Livescan Fingerprinting, (813) 347-4436
Biometric Information Management (727) 512-4477
BioWhorl Fingerprinting Services (813) 244-4236
Contractors Reporting Services - (813) 932-5244
Elements Essential (813) 415-1445
Fieldprint Tampa FL (877) 614-4364
Tampa - Dale Mabry UPS Store 0121 (800) 528-1358
Tampa - E Jackson St - UPS Store 46 (800) 528-1358
Tampa Bay Live Scan Fingerprinting (813) 607-2966
Tampa Festival Center - E Hillsbor (800) 528-1358
The UPS Store Tampa FL (703) 797-2562
Toria's Support Care Services (813) 361-9328
West Coast Fingerprints (813) 433-0253


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