Day 1 - Intro and Skills

Day 2    Day 3


CNA Test Basics - Page 6 Review
What to Wear on Test Day.
How the State Test is Setup.
ADL - What is Activities of Daily Living.
PPE - Personal Protection Equipment
Taking Universal Precautions
Indirect Care Skills
Infection Control / Bed Safety / Communication

1. What do you wear to the Test - Scrubs, rubber sole shoes, a watch with a second hand (not digital), and Clean White Socks.

2. Must be in your seat by 9 AM on test day. If you are late you have just failed one time.

3. The Written Test is 60 Question- Only 50 questions count. The extra  10 Question are SAMPLES for next version of the test.  Written test SAMPLES / Vocabulary Words are online.

4. Clinical Skills Test - 3 Randomly chosen skills +Hands Washing Twice +Infection Control   +Bed Safety +Communication.

5. Where can you work as a CNA? Dr's Office, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Other type Longer term care. short term care centers, Recapitulation Centers, Hospice, Home Care, Agencies,  Hospitals, Women's Centers, Children Centers - All types of HealthCare Centers.

6. The facility test template is the LONG TERM CARE - Nursing Home. The Nursing Homes have Older Patients who require the MOST assistance.  NO BED RAILS are allowed in Nursing Homes. You will NOT be tested with Bed Rails.

7. ADL - Activities of Daily Living - The common daily hygiene / feeding / walking / dressing / grooming skills.

Everything BELOW will be WATCHED online Not During Class.  Just show them the screens.