Career Skills for Licensed CNAs

Home Health Care Aid (HHA) Exam Prep Course for State of Florida - Licensed CNA's

25 Hours / Exam Prep / Online Training

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Career Skills Class for Licensed CNA's Only

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MUST BE a Licensed CNA to Qualify for this Program

Includes 12 Hrs of CEU's -  Reported to Fl Board of Nursing.

If you are NOT a Licensed CNA - Then there is a 65 hr HHA Course offered at the Tech Schools. We do NOT offer the 65 Hr HHA Course for non-licensed CNA's.

With the FACE of healthcare changing in the USA, more people will be using home care CNA's to provide their needs instead of Assisted Living / Nursing Homes. This will be an import class to add to your CNA Career Career Skills list for your future in healthcare.

This On-Line class is a Test Prep for a Licensed CNAs who wants to work in Home Health Care or Hospice.  It is an investment of 25 EXTRA hours of Career Skills for Licensed CNA's - Taken AFTER you are a State of Florida - Licensed CNA.

This online course is a Home Care EXAM PREP,  as some agencies will give you a quick test to evaluate your knowledge base of care and also evaluate your ADL skills to work in Home Care or Hospice.  It is an extension of what you have already learned during your Certified Nursing Assistant class of Activities of Daily Living. 

We have also included a REVIEW of the Activities of Daily Living clinical skills with this course for those who wish to REFRESH your ADL Skills. There are several types of positions available for CNA's in Home Care.  This class will expand your knowledge base and get your ready for those home care or hospice care positions.

As a licensed CNA you are qualified to work in Home Care. The regular CNA Classes locally are normally 40 Hrs and includes Activities of Daily Living to prepare you to get Licensed.  This course is a bridge to add the EXTRA 25 Hrs for Hospice and Home Health Care career skills.

This on-line video based class is taken only after you are a Licensed CNA and will FOCUS on the Home Health Care / Hospice Career Skills for Licensed CNA. This online class will prepare you to take the written test and work as a License CNA in Home Health Care.  In addition, 12 Hours of this course are CEUS and will be reported to the Florida Board of Nursing.  They can be used towards your 2 year license renewal period.  We will automatically report the 12 hours to the Florida Board of Nursing for you after you pass each CEU based course.


This is a 25 Hour HHA Exam Prep - OnLine Course for State of Florida Licensed CNA's . You must be a Licensed CNA in Florida to take this online course.

Elder Abuse
Dementia / Alzheimer’s
Personal Protective Equip
Ethics, HIPAA,
Infection Control
Blood Spills - Included
HIV-AIDS What is it?
Postmortem Care
Body Mechanics
Blood Borne Pathogens

* Patient Observation 1,2,3
* Lift To Sitting Position
* Transfer Belt
* Turn Patient
* Bed Matt     *Bed Pan *Bath Blanket
* Domestic Violence
* Repertory Disorders
* Musculoskeletal
* Integumentary
* Mental Status

* Urinary Symptoms
* Dehydration

Identify Patient
Clean Room
Bed Safety
Infection Control

Safety in the Home

Prevent infections, falls and pressure ulcers

Includes the MANDATORY Med-Tech 4 Hr CEU Based Class On Line 

12 Hrs Total CEU Courses Reported to Fl Board of Nursing.  (See Below)


12 Hours CEUs 

CEUS - Course Details

12 CEUs - ALL Online - Included


4 Hours

1. Medication Technician - (Med Tech) Assist with Self-Admin of Meds in ALFs, FL REL-C2L-P1130 4 hours (Mandatory Part 1) - 4 Hrs

3 Hours

2. Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders: Handle with Care - Intensive Training  REL-SRC-0-ADRDHCIT - 3 hours

2 Hours

3. HIV and AIDS: Answering Your Questions REL-C2L-P1137 - 2 Hrs

1 Hour

4. HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws REL-SRC-0-HAFL - 1 hour

1 Hour

5. Biomedical Waste Management Training  REL-C2L-P1212 -1 hour

.50 Hour

6. HIPAA: The Basics .50 Hr

.50 Hour

7. HIPAA and Social Media for Home Health  .50 Hr

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Florida - HHA / Med Tech
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Approved By FL-RN: Florida Board of Nursing CE


Medication Technician / AKA / Med Tech / Med Pass

Assistance with Self-Administration of Medications

This Course is for Currently Licensed CNA's working in Home Care / Hospice / Assisted Living Facility.

Mandatory - 4 Hr Med Tech - SAMPLE - Video About Med Tech

5 Rights of Medications - 4 Hrs CEUs

1. The Right Resident
2. Right Time
3. Right Route (eyes ears nose mouth, or suppository)
4. Right Medication
5 The Right Dosage



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LPN - Nursing Home Supervisor

Mandatory By Florida Law: Florida Board of Nursing

On-Line - 30 CEU Hrs - Reported to CE BROKER  

Approved by Florida Board of Nursing - $279.00



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