Medication Technician / AKA / Med Tech / Med Pass

Complete On-Line Class - 12 Hours CEUs


ALL New - Due to a large DEMAND for this program.

12 Hour CEU Based Course Online.



Medication Technician / AKA / Med Tech / Med Pass

Assistance with Self-Administration of Medications

This Course is for Currently Licensed CNA's or Non License - CNA's working in Home Care / Hospice / Assisted Living Facility.

Due to a large demand in our community for Med Tech, we have just added the following on line Medication Technician Class on line. If you are a Licensed CNA 12 CEU Hours will be reported to the Florida Board of Nursing. If you are unlicensed, you are allowed to take this course and print the document.


12 Hours CEUs 

Course Details - 12 CEUs - ALL Online.


4 Hours

1. Medication Technician - (Med Tech) Assist with Self-Admin of Meds in ALFs, FL REL-C2L-P1130 4 hours (Mandatory Part 1) - 4 Hrs

3 Hours

2. Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders: Handle with Care - Intensive Training  REL-SRC-0-ADRDHCIT - 3 hours

2 Hours

3. HIV and AIDS: Answering Your Questions REL-C2L-P1137 - 2 Hrs

1 Hour

4. HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws REL-SRC-0-HAFL - 1 hour

1 Hour

5. Biomedical Waste Management Training  REL-C2L-P1212 -1 hour

.50 Hour

6. HIPAA: The Basics .50 Hr

.50 Hour

7. HIPAA and Social Media for Home Health  .50 Hr

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Florida - Med Tech
If Licensed CNA - License #
Student Full Name:

Approved By FL-RN: Florida Board of Nursing CE


Important Notice:
1. This Medication Technician includes the AHCA - Mandatory Course.  ALL 12 Hours are approved by The Florida Board of Nursing. If you licensed by the State of Florida Board of Nursing this system will automatically report the 12 Hr CEU credits to the State of Florida Board of Nursing.

Part 1 - is an approved course by Florida Board of Nursing.

Part 2 - The Hands On Demonstration of Skills is NOT offered by our facility.  Part 2 will be done ON THE JOB by the facility you work for.   A NEW Med Tech will be expected to overshadow that position and mirror back the demonstration of the required hands on skills demonstartion to the appropriate Administrator / RN at your place of work.

We do NOT sell The 4 Hr - Med Tech course alone. This is a 12 hour course that includes - all of the above 7 courses. 

3. All courses are taken on line at TampaBayCEUS.com an online classroom.


- SAMPLE - Video About Med Tech

This is a GREAT Video I found on Youtube about the

5 Rights of Medications

1. The Right Resident
2. Right Time
3. Right Route (eyes ears nose mouth, or suppository)
4. Right Medication
5 The Right Dosage



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Mandatory By Florida Law: Florida Board of Nursing

On-Line - 30 CEU Hrs - Reported to CE BROKER  

Approved by Florida Board of Nursing - $279.00



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